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About me

My name is Marta Alonso and I am a London-based psychologist and art therapist who found her way into puppetry. My experience working in schools showed me puppet making and performing provide an ideal ground for children to express, and also to explore and learn about feelings in a fun way. Through special games and exercises I help children develop what I consider essential tools for life: emotional literacy, empathy, concentration, teamwork, capacity to relax, confidence and self esteem.

I have observed that children seem to go for different aspects of the workshops. Some get absorbed in the puppet making, others love script writing while others can’t wait to get the puppet into motion. Although I make sure everyone gets to complete all the different bits of the process I make sure everyone get extra time to focus on their favourite thing so they can be valued for contributing their special talents to the group.

I work in schools, where I believe my job is most useful as it helps restore children’s feelings of competence and autonomy, impacting on their inner motivation for learning. My workshops have evolved ever since as I keep learning from the inspiring company of children.

Marta Alonso