What's so special about those clubs?

Through play children achieve their dreams and master their fears, and that’s the way they actually learn and make sense of reality.

Bearing this in mind it is easy to see that the most natural way to support our kid’s learning and well-being is to do it within their world of play. Supporting a child in their make-believe games help them understanding the world and brings the chance of practicing new behaviours within the safe realm of fantasy.

Drama is in an excellent way to boost children’s confidence and socialise. However, some children are not so courageous or interested on jumping onto a stage. In these clubs children can enjoy role-playing and expressing themselves in a highly creative manner without feeling exposed.

Puppets possess special qualities that make them a powerful media when working with children. They have been extensively used in education and psychotherapy. They can also help a child find new responses to situations and teach coping strategies.

Puppet making brings benefits such as increase of concentration, capacity to relax, confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

All of the projects have in common the following core values:


Believe in yourself - through your effort and trust in yourself you can achieve anything!

All of the clubs are held within an empowering atmosphere in which children are encouraged to critically think about a chosen book or song and to explore their character, design it, craft it and choose their own way to represent it. This, together with an effective puppet making formula, make children proud and loud about their capacity while being the masters of their own learning experience.

Emotional literacy

Being able to name our feelings improves our capacity to communicate with others and establish the foundations to develop our emotional intelligence.

In drama emotions are our abc to performance, exploring how feelings manifest in our bodies and how they are expressed both, in verbal and physical ways.

Through a puppet it is easier to express emotions to the full without feeling self-conscious.They also give us the chance to observe our emotional expression from the outside and to reflect about it.


The capacity to understand and feel other people’s emotions is key for a healthy emotional life.

Puppets are an excellent medium for developing empathy as they allow us to be on different character’s own shoes, exploring their feelings and trying to understand their motivations.


The ability to focus our attention determines our progress in anything we want to learn.

To animate an object you need to focus on your breathing and to connect with all your senses. These classes aim to develop your capacity to concentrate while learning fun techniques that will bring your puppet to life.


The magic behind puppet animation is based on the practice of very simple moves.You will improve your fine motility while enjoying watching how your puppet ‘learns’ to speak, sing or dance.


Support into acting can help any child’s confidence. Puppets are a perfect media as children feel safe working together from behind the curtain.


Conscious breathing and slow movement are essential skills for puppetry. This is how just manipulating your puppet can help your capacity to relax.


Mouth puppets are powerful tools for self-expression. They give children the freedom to say anything they feel in the way they feel it. Responding through another puppet gives us the possibility of reflecting together about those feelings.

Voice projection

Getting a puppet to speak we often forget about ourselves, finding the freedom to explore different voices, accents, tones, singing or even speaking another language.


Collaboration is essential for a puppet play. There is no competition when we become aware of our uniqueness. That thing that you enjoy doing the most is or is bound to be your special talent. Anything you enjoy creating can fit into a puppet show. We will use everyone’s personal abilities to shine as a team.