Puppet Theatre

— up to 12 children (2 school terms)
Focus: finding your special talents, sense of achievement, enjoy your uniqueness within the group, team work.

Children will put together a puppet show, all by themselves. They will design and create their own characters, paint together the sceneries and contribute to the script. We will welcome all ideas to create a unique piece of art in an empowering, safe and fun atmosphere.

This club
— can cover different areas of the curriculum (literacy, history, design and technology) by working around any book or topic,
— promotes reading, comprehension and critical thinking.


  1. Choose a book you love - we will vote in the class and pick the one most liked.
  2. Tell what you like about it - we will discuss the main themes of the book and contribute with ideas to make the story our own.
  3. Choose your favourite character - dream. Who would you like to act as?
  4. Design your character - make your own version of the character, change it if you like; the aim is using your imagination to achieve a unique result. puppet theatre character
  5. Make your puppet - I will give you clear instructions and a great formula, you will be amazed at what you can do by yourself. puppet theatre characters
  6. Painting the scenery - I will teach you how to use perspective and colour to achieve volume and depth. There will be fun and awe at the results of your effort as a group. puppet theatre background
  7. Learn your lines - we will play fun memory games and you will get tips to stick things into your mind.
  8. Bring your puppet to life - you will practice to concentrate and coordinate your movements, I will show you some tricks the professional puppeteers use.
  9. Puppets performance - invite your parents and friends to the show. At the end you will take your puppet home with you for a happily ever after. puppet theatre