Your Own Story

— up to 6 children, sessions of 1h and ½ during 1 school term.
Focus: self-expression, coping strategies, resilience, exploring challenges in a safe and fun way.

Children will enjoy the process of making up a story and creating all the characters just by themselves, recreating their very unique world of fantasy. Every tale is set around a challenge or a mission the hero needs to solve. Children will be supported to reflect on the strategies of the heroes to face their challenges and achieve their goals. This process aims to widen every child's range of coping skills so they can deal more effectively with challenge on their everyday lives.

This club is specially designed for:
— children who may find difficulties in expressing themselves or talking about difficult feelings,
— children who would benefit from help in making sense of any difficult situation they might be dealing with in their lives,
— children interested in story writing.


  1. Learn about the basic structure of a story.
  2. Design your main character on paper.
  3. Start writing about them - following the steps you will be given the story will easily unfold.
  4. Make a puppet for your main character.
  5. Make a puppet for their helper, antagonist or both.
  6. Finish your story.
  7. Perform for the others.
  8. Reflect with the group about each character challenge and how they coped with it - we will talk about alternative solutions for a problem and different strategies that people use to overcome their problems.