Singing Puppets

— up to 12 children
Focus: confidence, self expression, sense of achievement, coordination, relaxation.

Children will create their own music superstar puppet to playback their favourite song.

This club is:
— great for children who are a bit introverted and would benefit from a safe space where to shine from,
— helpful for learning to speak another language while having fun,
— just perfect for anyone who loves music and creative expression.


  1. Draw a picture of your dream music star - It can be anything you like; cool, fashionable, funky, dark, glamorous, eccentric, person or animal - you choose. character design
  2. Design your puppet - will give you the formula to achieve great results, you will be amazed at what you can do by yourself. puppet design
  3. Choose a song you like.
  4. Make your puppet sing - you will improve your concentration and movement coordination while learning some of the tricks used by the professional puppeteers to make your puppet look alive.
  5. Make a puppet presenter for your show - I will help you write a presentation of your music star so it gets a glorious introduction.
  6. Rehearse - you will have a private space with a mirror to enjoy the practice your puppet's playback skills. puppet on stage
  7. Perform and get a loud round of applause.
  8. Take your puppets home for future family performances.